Trying to End a Union Dispute?

Consult a White Plains, NY labor law firm serving Westchester County and the greater NY metropolitan area

Disputes between unions and employers can last for weeks and cause stress on both sides. If you need a labor law attorney in White Plains, Westchester County or the greater NY metropolitan area, turn to Tangredi Lebson LLP.

We have over four decades of experience, so you can rest assured we know labor law inside and out. You can trust us to handle negotiations, helping both sides reach an agreement. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

When should you hire a labor lawyer?

A labor negotiation law attorney can help end a difficult dispute. We can work with:

Employers - Turn to us if you've been threatened with a lawsuit or believe the union is about to strike.

Employees - You'll need our help if you're planning on taking your employer to court.

Union leaders- We can help if you have disagreements with members or want to negotiate strike terms.

Schedule a free consultation with our Spanish-speaking labor negotiation law attorney today to get started. We can meet at our office or your home anywhere in the White Plains area.